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The Institute of Harmonic Massage is committed to helping licensed massage therapists earn their Continuing Education (CE) Credits while expanding their skills and improving their practices. Deborah Balfour is a passionate educator and licensed instructor in Dallas, TX. Our Massage Spa is located in Wylie, TX and serves the entire DFW community, offering programs which allow massage therapists to earn CE credits and develop new techniques.

CE Classes 3 hours                                                     $69.00

CE Classes 6 hours                                                     $138.00


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Stretching for Massage
Course Description: This class is a precursor for Sports Massage or an active client who needs general stretching techniques. Includes: range of motion, active, passive, active assisted, and active resistive stretches.

Goal: To learn many draping and general stretching techniques to incorporate in every session, with client’s approval, as well as isolated specifics for client’s needs, contraindications, and everyday suggested stretches for clients with repetitive motion problems.

Sports Massage
Course Description: This course includes sports related injuries and various treatment options for avoiding potential injuries. This modality incorporates trigger point work and various stretching techniques. It goes into the characteristics of many isolated common injuries and identifies the physical involvement of the athlete and repetitive use of muscles. Therapists will discover which methods are appropriate for specific injuries and conditions, as well as contraindications for sports massage. A list of sample routines and stretches are given which can easily be incorporated into any session.

Goal: To learn the aspects of sports massage, what to do, the benefits as well as contraindications, and the clients who may need this service.

Prenatal Massage
Course Description: This course examines pregnancy from conception to birth and how a massage therapist can be a tremendous benefit for both the mother and her unborn child. Contraindications of acupressure points are covered, as well as essential oils to be avoided.  Complete routine includes side-lying position, draping and bolstering techniques. This massage is a great tool for massage therapists who work with mothers who are expecting and want to be cared for during their life-changing experience.

Goal: To learn about the different stages of pregnancy from conception to delivery with strategies that massage therapists can use to make motherhood a healthier and more comfortable experience for both mother and unborn child.

Prenatal Belly Casting
Course Description: Teaches the massage therapist how to enhance their practice by helping prenatal clients celebrate the joy of their pregnancy. This class will teach you how to perform this service, contraindications, how to upgrade your sales, and finally how to incorporate this service into a regular massage session.

Goal: To learn how to present a client with a keep-sake of their pregnancy with an amazing casting of their last month of pregnancy.

Trigger Points and Fibromyalgia
Course Description: Many massage therapists will have clients experiencing undiagnosed pain. Getting to know various trigger points which affect the body due to stress, previous injuries, etc. (though the therapist will not diagnose), they will have the education on how to deal with and treat those clients that have been diagnosed with FB. This course will discuss what Fibromyalgia means and offer some ways to give your client relief of symptoms. (Hot stone and heat therapy are also modalities that will encourage help with symptoms).

Goal: To learn what FM is, what are frequent causes, signs and symptoms, and the benefits of massage therapy for better facilitating pain cycles.

Course Description: This course discusses many causes and aspects of sciatica pain. They will discover many options for treatments, stretches during the session, and suggested options for pain management between appointments. The course offers potential cases and routines that can be incorporated into any massage routine.

Goal: The therapist will learn how to work with cases of physician-diagnosed sciatica by offering multiple stretches to incorporate in a session as well as educate the client with stretches that can be utilized between sessions for self-maintenance.

Hot Stone Massage
Course Description: This is a course that deals with the therapeutic modality of utilizing heat with stones. The therapist will learn the advantages of using heat to accelerate heating the muscles and how to work with hot stones in a safe way to facilitate optimal relaxation of tissues. The therapist will also learn various stone temperatures and techniques, contraindications, proper body mechanics, draping, etc., to provide the client comfort and maintain a comfortable warm body temperature.

Goal: The goal of this course is to educate the therapist on how to incorporate hot stones into their sessions, giving the therapist the additional information that will ultimately facilitate a better wellness for their client’s needs.

Lymphatic Drainage
Course Description: This is an introductory course dealing with the lymphatic system, what it does, what can go wrong with it, and the role of massage therapy in working with it. The immune system is the primary defense system that keeps us well by fighting off foreign pathogens that can be harmful to us. The treatment consists of slow, light, rhythmic strokes that assist in the return of lymph from the interstitial spaces to the circulatory system. This is used to remove excess fluid from the tissues due to injuries and stagnation of movement, and improves healing for many lymphatic disorders. This course will help any therapist who wants to improve the health of their clients.

Goal: Upon completion of this course, students will be able to define what the lymphatic system does, will know the basics within our immune system, and offer various routines and treatment options for clients depending on their needs and health concerns.

Asian Ear Candling
Course Description: This course teaches the history of candling procedure and contraindications of the treatment. The practice is utilized all over the world and ear candle makers only use products that are safe, made of bees wax, soy, or paraffin to satisfy most all clients who may have potential allergies to products.

Goal: To learn an additional modality, benefits, contraindications, and how to incorporate into most all massage sessions.

Course Description: This course is an introductory class offering the history and benefits of the practice. The therapist will learn about the meridians, the flow of chi/energy along the pathways of the meridians, as well as contraindications of the treatment.

Goal: To learn major meridian points and organ relations to the meridian channels, the basic reason for stagnation/blockages with the systems and to help clients facilitate well-ness through an alternative modality.

Chair Massage
Course Description: The workshop teaches how to do chair massage, how to use chair massage in your practice as a marketing feature for events, as well as many other marketing features.

Goal: To learn how to use chair massage for marketing and other events. I will discuss the benefits and contraindications of chair.

Variation of Modalities
Course Description: This course is a brief overview of several different modalities and techniques that therapists frequently may wish to further explore. Each modality will be briefly described with the benefits and contraindications. The modalities will be demonstrated and the therapist will have hands-on experience in practice with each.

Goal: To learn different massage modalities and their benefits and contraindications for incorporating into a massage session. Modalities to be covered will include:


Deep Tissue

Hot Stone

Lymphatic Drainage

Medical Massage





Trigger Point

Chair Massage


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