For Massage Therapists only:

In a nutshell: Get a massage by giving a massage. Read more below:

Massage Exchange Program

– Aug 3 Tuesday –

Exclusive to LMT’s

Giving a massage can be rewarding, but recieving one is a pleasure! The Institute of Harmonic Massage hosts the “Massage Exchange Program”! Use our facility and pair up with other Massage Therapists to exchange your time for a massage.

*no payment will go towards the therapists fo their time, the money paid goes directly to the facility for use of the equipment sheets, oils, towels, rocks ,etc.
** You must provide a valid massage therapist license to participate.

It's your turn!

We provide the supplies and location. You provide your body and hands! **You must provide a valid Massage Therapist license to participate. 

Or contact us to reserve!

Institute Of Harmonic Massage
101 S Birmingham St.
Wyle, TX 75098



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