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Swedish Massage – Works with various massage strokes and is generally targeting more superficial muscles with lighter pressure. Swedish massage relaxes the body, improves circulation and blood flow. This massage can include subtle stretching if desired.

Deep Tissue Massage – Works with the deeper, underlying muscle tissues. This type of massage is for those who desire moderate to heavy pressure which targets stress points that develop from repetition of movements. This massage can include stretching and trigger point therapy.

Trigger Point Massage – A trigger point is simply hypertonic muscles or contracted muscles, and/or “knots” in the muscles due to past injuries, repetition of movement, and/or vigorous exercises. These types of traumas usually cause sensitivity, pain, stiffness, and/or loss of range of motion. This treatment is incorporated into a deep tissue or sports massage session.

Sports/Stretching Massage – Works well for athletes or weekend sports warriors. The focus of sports massage is to improve the performance of the athlete relative to the time frame of the event. The therapist works with pre-event, post-event, training, intra-event (while training to stay abreast of potential injuries), and rehabilitation massage for chronic conditions and pain management. Stretching, trigger point, Swedish, deep tissue, lymphatic drainage (to decrease swelling) and some hydrotherapy are generally incorporated in this massage if needed.

Hot Golf Ball Massage This treatment utilizes hot golf balls ranging from temperatures of 110-140 degrees, depending upon client’s ability to tolerate heat.  The therapy allows for more point-specific/isolated areas of the muscles due to injuries or muscle tension/soreness in the knees, lower back, neck, shoulders, and golfer’s elbow.  The treatment can be fused with many other massage techniques, such as trigger point, stretching, deep tissue, etc.  Not only is hot golf ball massage ideal for targeting point-specific tension release and pain relief, it’s also an overall relaxing body experience.  

Therapeutic Hot Stones Massage – This technique softens the muscle tissues through the transfer of heat from the stones allowing the muscles to become more pliable. This allows the therapist to stretch, which gives the client greater muscular resting length and flexibility. This session will help to relax the body using light to deep pressure based upon the client’s wishes. The stones are heated from 110-140 degrees depending on the client’s skin sensitivity and ability to tolerate heat. The session will leave the client feeling relaxed and well-balanced.

Pre-Natal Massage – Works with the expecting moms to reduce anxiety, decrease symptoms of depression, relieve muscle aches and joint pains, and relax the body. This massage addresses different needs through a variation of techniques, (depending on client’s desires), but the most frequently utilized is Swedish Massage. This massage aims to relax muscle tension and improve lymphatic and blood circulation through light to mild pressure applied to the muscle groups of the body.

Chair Massage – This massage is performed with the client sitting in a massage chair specially designed for relaxation and comfort. The client is fully clothed and the therapist uses a variety of massage techniques to focus on stressed muscles of the shoulders, back, arms, head, and neck. The pressure is light to deep using no lotion or oil and can be done for 5-30 minutes depending upon client’s schedule. This massage is ideal for those who wish to get temporary relief from daily stresses/tension and get back to the events of their day. Most often, a full-body massage is suggested to target specific tension areas in the body.

Body Scrub – This technique is a form of hydrotherapy that scrubs the body with natural salts or sugars (sometimes scented upon request). This removes dead skin that clogs pours and then hydrates the skin with emollient oil or lotion. This treatment can be used for those who simply wish to have cleaner feeling skin or are exposed to frequent sunlight. A full body massage generally follows the treatment to allow the body to feel completely relaxed and refreshed.

Couples Massage – This is a massage that will focus on each of you individually but in the same room. You and your partner can relax according to the depth of your desired pressure, enjoy each other’s company and celebrate your special day all at the same time.

Tandem Massage – A tandem massage is two Massage Therapists massaging on a client at the same time. This is the ultimate relaxation experience because the mind becomes distracted and is not able to focus on one thing which helps the client achieve complete release from stress. The techniques can range from a mixture of light to deep pressure depending on the client’s tolerance and requests.

Asian Ear Candling – Ear candling is an age-old technique originating from many cultures of the world. It is used to soothe the ears, relieve pain and itching from infections, sinus conditions, allergies and other conditions. More than anything, it is a relaxing experience that is meditative and calming. Many clients have noticed a wonderful improvement after the treatment.

Fusion of Modalities – This massage incorporates as many of the modalities listed that our spa offers, depending on the client’s request. A typical fusion includes Swedish or deep tissue, trigger point, hot stones, foot scrub, head, neck and shoulder de-stress, and stretching. This treatment is designed for the body to feel completely relaxed and rejuvenated.

Belly Casting – Belly casts are most often made toward the end of the third trimester of pregnancy, however, a series of casts may also be made during the other two trimesters to show the baby’s development. They are made by preparing the skin with a coating of lubricant and adding strips of wet non-toxic plaster gauze over the abdomen to make the cast. Some women also cast their breasts. The plaster sets in about 20–30 minutes. Once set, the cast is gently removed by the mother using a wriggling motion. It takes one or two days for the cast to dry completely and then it is ready to sand and decorate. This makes a great gift for the expectant mom as a keep-sake and also holding baby shower gifts!

Couples Workshops – We offer a single couple session or a group couple session to have a fun date-night. This teaches many introductory aspects of giving and receiving a full-body massage with your partner performing the treatment. We will give you all the necessary basics for completing a massage at the workshop as well as you and your partner to continue to enjoy the experience in the comfort of your home.

Reflexology – Focuses on nerve endings in the hands and feet that correspond to organs and tissues of the body. Reflexology has been around since 2200 bc to promote relaxation, healing and sedation of the body. It helps to regain a normal balance and allows for relief of short or long term illnesses.

Lymphatic Drainage– A gentle massage technique that helps to encourage the flow of lymph in the body. Major benefits include: skin care, detoxing the body, headaches, relief of swelling, and promotes healing after injury or surgery.

Hatha Yoga– Hatha yoga, is a form of yoga that emphasizes on physical posture including: balance, stretching and strengthening one’s body. Hatha is becoming increasing popular and practiced by individuals and groups from all over the world. Come join us for an hour session with our amazing yoga instructor Patrice Wilkes.

Reiki Therapy– Reiki Therapy is a type of energy work that is great for stress reduction and relaxation. Originating in Japan, Reiki utilizes the laying of ones hands right above the body while focusing on areas of life force energy points. The client remains fully clothed during the whole session.

Anti-Aging Facial Reflexology– Deep skin cleansing, complete with an exfoliating scrub and marine mud mask to hydrate and nourish the skin. Manipulates the skin to promote elasticity and give you a more youthful glow! Heavenly!

Foot Reflexology– Includes a therapeutic salt/sugar foot & leg scrub with cool peppermint essential oil. Cool down. Total & complete relaxation and balancing of your energy!

Foot Reflexology Express– Includes a therapeutic salt/sugar foot scrub with a cool peppermint essential oil. Cool down. A quick pick me up!

Lash Lift & Tint – An innovative eye lash lift procedure that straightens, lifts, shapes & tints your natural lashes. The results are unbelievable! It will last for up to 2 months.

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