Sports Massage Therapist – Rockwall, Sachse, Wylie

Deborah Balfour is a professional sports massage therapist serving the communities of Rockwall, Wylie, Sachse and Murphy. She has extensive experience in developing therapy programs and educating athletes and parents of athelets on athletic massage and wellness.

Classes for Parents with Teens and Kids

The following class schedules are available for parents who have children or teenagers involved in any type of sport and wish to help their athletes improve their overall performance with safe techniques. Each class focuses on prevention and/or dealing with primary injuries, which are commonly due to repetition of movement and hypertonic muscles. We focus on sports stretching, pre-event, intra-event, post event and rehabilitation; as well as, target muscles groups that are often injured or compromised as a result of excessive strain and/or unprepared warm-ups prior to the particular sport.

It is required by law that anyone under the age of 18 must have a parent, coach or guardian present to work on persons under the age of 18. For additional questions regarding the policies and procedures, please contact us at: or 972-429-6335.

All of the upcoming Sports and Wellness classes are available for each age category:

Age Groups:
(6-9) Sat. 8am – 9:30am
(10-13) Tues. 6pm – 7:30pm
(14-18) Thurs. 6pm – 7:30pm
(Full Teams can be booked Weds. & Fri. 6pm-7:30pm)


Please book your sports groups two weeks in advance. The cost for each athlete within a sport event class will be $30 for 1.5 hours of group instruction for a class of 4 to 6. Full teams are encouraged to apply together as a group listing, providing names of each participant and contact information. Parents w/children outside of the team groups may register into any group, providing it is within their age category. Classes are limited to 10 athletes (not including parent, coach or guardians, which are admitted FREE).

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